Welcome to ETHNAUDIO
Anatolian and the Middle East, We offer solutions that combine music with the contemporary
music culture. Moreover, we make them unique and inaccessible level, because we live in this music.
Breath Of Anatolia and Strings Of Anatolia are our first products…
Producer Cüneyt ERTAÇ is has got big experiences for Sampling and Development.
You will have the quality and strength of these products is unique.
Moreover you will not find any product you will have a variety of instruments.
Sound Track arrangers,DJs,Live performers,Home producers,Amateurs,…etc.
Will find a new fill and creativity with our Libraries…
Thank you for purchasing ETHNAUDIO’S Strings and Breath Instruments.
This document will give you some information about the library, as well as instructions and advice on how to use it.
You will enjoy while playing our musical instruments of ETHNAUDIO.